How to Secure your Google account

Do you Know, you can't Log -in to my Gmail Account Even if you know my Password, see how you can have this much security on your Gmail Account.

Do you know?

Daily Millions of the passwords are hacked Through
·         Hacking
·         Sniffing
·         Phishing
·         Key logging
So in this case do you have any Plan B or C to secure your personal, important and critical data on your Google Account??

Hi geeks!
Today I’m going to post amazing information that I was using from almost a year. This is another secure feature of Google that add up extra security layer to your Google account and saves your Critical/personal and important data that are probably saved in Gmail, Google docs, Google’s site, bloggers and many other Google added service even if your account’s password is leaked.

This is Google’s two step verification service. Have a glance and secure your account today.

Without any delay I’m just coming to point what I am talking about.

Two step verification?

This is protocol that verifies the user while logging in to their Google account and after verification only there will be any way to enter to account. how this verification is done..?

While you activate the two step verification you will be asked to do some stuff.

·         Verify a phone number (that should always with you while log in)

·         An alternate Mobile number (in case your one number is missing/Not accessible)

·         A set of 10 codes that you have to keep with you in case all the above is missing.

How two step Verification Works

Whenever you log in to your Google or any of the Google’s account after entering the correct password

A SMS will be sent to your mobile specified with a verification code.

You enter the verification code then you will be able to access your account.

You may choose to get the code on your alternate number too.

And if both of this is not with you will be provided 10 backup codes entering any of them will provide you access.

Activate the two step verification

Login to your Google/Gmail account

Secure Login
  • Go to account setting/Google account setting

    Click on the turn on two step verification
  • .      In next step login as normal (if prompt)

        Now enter a mobile number after selecting the country

        Verify the code and click next 


   In next step choose to have verify backup phone number and portable backup code.

  Now your account is secure.
But pay attention here too
If u wish u can remember any pc for 30 day for not to verifying the login once done.
You can not login to any application directly like Gtalk/Google lattitute/MS outlook etc for accessing data in ur Gmail account.
For this u have to once enter the application specific password for that.
On same page you can generate the application specific password.

U must activate this today and be assure that no one can access your account even after hacking  your  password
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see you
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